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Accord­ing to a report from The RSA (Roy­al Soci­ety for the encour­age­ment of Arts, Man­u­fac­tures and Com­merce), “The UK’s micro busi­ness pop­u­la­tion is boom­ing. Defined as firms with 0–9 employ­ees, there are now 5 mil­lion such busi­nesses in the UK. The res­ult is that micro busi­nesses today account for 33% of private sec­tor employ­ment and 19% of total out­put.”
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“Small busi­nesses accoun­ted for 99.3% of all private sec­tor busi­nesses at the start of 2016 and 99.9% were small or medi­um-sized (SMEs).”
Fed­er­a­tion of Small Busi­nesses
I have been run­ning my micro busi­ness for nearly 25 years. My writ­ing and pub­lish­ing busi­ness Nex­us Pub­lish­ing
offers edit­or­i­al ser­vices to a wide range of cli­ents. As part of the
‘gig eco­nomy’ accord­ing to the
latest gov­ern­ment fig­ures, the num­ber of people who work for them­selves has grown by 40% since 2000, with the res­ult that one in sev­en of the work­force is now self-employed.

Over the years I have pub­lished sev­er­al books for the small busi­ness com­munity, but none of these spoke dir­ectly to the micro busi­ness own­ers like you. This is why I decided that a new series of eBook Apps would be an ideal plat­form to offer timely and prac­tic­al advice to the grow­ing group of micro busi­ness own­ers.

Why eBook Apps? I didn’t just want to pub­lish yet anoth­er eBook on Amazon. The eBook format is lim­it­ing. Apps how­ever, offer vast amounts of ver­sat­il­ity when it comes to present­ing the inform­a­tion I want to give to you in each eBook App. Using apps means you always have the inform­a­tion at your fin­ger­tips, as the eBook Apps are on your phone or tab­let.

What’s more I can update any piece of the eBook App you buy with new inform­a­tion. You can stay con­nec­ted to the world of micro busi­ness own­er­ship with dynam­ic con­tent that nev­er goes out of date.

Each of the eBook Apps in the Busi­ness for Begin­ners series is self-con­tained, but they do form a series, which teach a num­ber of essen­tial skills. As a small busi­ness own­er myself, I know the pres­sure points you are feel­ing right now and will feel in the future. The eBook Apps in the series are there to help you with prac­tic­al inform­a­tion you can act on today.

If you have read sev­er­al busi­ness books and always felt they didn’t really speak dir­ectly to you, that’s what I felt two years ago when I star­ted to plan this new eBook App series. I hope that the eBook Apps I have cre­ated are use­ful and insight­ful and offer the inform­a­tion and sup­port your micro busi­ness needs.

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This web­site, Face­book, Twit­ter and Linked­In pages, are the per­fect resource to help you make your micro busi­ness prof­it­able over the long term.

I am always plan­ning the next eBook App, but want the sub­jects I cov­er in the series to be rel­ev­ant to you as a micro busi­ness own­er. So, get in touch and let me know what sub­jects you’d like covered in future eBook Apps.

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A new and unique way to learn new skills to make your micro busi­ness a suc­cess.
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