Make Your Busi­ness Ideas a Real­ity

Are you think­ing of start­ing your own micro busi­ness, or have already star­ted to plan or even trade, yet have ques­tions you need answer­ing?
A one-to-one ses­sion to get your ques­tions answered today!


Each ses­sion is with me and is totally con­fid­en­tial. If you prefer an NDA signed before our call, this is OK.

Cost Effective

Each one-hour ses­sion costs just £50. Don’t for­get, if you book two or more hours, you get a 20% dis­count!

Essential Advice

Always wanted to be your own boss, but don’t know where to start? Book a call to get a plan you can fol­low.
How It Works
It’s fast and easy to set-up a call and make a book­ing
Mak­ing the Call
The call will be via Skype. If you don’t already have an account with them, you will need to set this up before we can speak. Skype is a free call, so you don’t have to worry about your call costs.
Your Record
The con­ver­sa­tion we have will be recor­ded. I do this so we have a record of what was said for any fol­low up, but also so you don’t have to make frantic notes while we are speak­ing.
Addi­tion­al Inform­a­tion
Often the call we have will mean addi­tion­al inform­a­tion will need to be sent to you. I will col­late this mater­i­al togeth­er and send this via email.
Fol­low-Up Call
If after you have diges­ted our con­ver­sa­tion and read any mater­i­als I have sent over, any fol­low-up calls can then be arranged.
Why Call Me?

I can’t remem­ber a time when I didn’t want to have my own busi­ness. Self-employ­ment runs in my fam­ily, as my dad was a self-employed build­er for his entire life.

Busi­ness for Begin­ners is a spin-off ser­vice from my main busi­ness Nex­us Pub­lish­ing, which is a writ­ing and con­tent cre­ation ser­vice I have been run­ning full-time for the past 25 years.

My cli­ents have included large busi­nesses such as Google to spe­cial­ist tech and busi­ness PR agen­cies who need high qual­ity con­tent for their mar­ket­ing and pub­lish­ing.

Over the past two dec­ades, I have gained vast quant­it­ies know­ledge and exper­i­ence about every aspect of run­ning a small busi­ness, as I have been doing just that every day for the past two dec­ades.

The vast-major­ity of my writ­ing has been about small busi­ness sub­jects, which has giv­en me a unique per­spect­ive for your new busi­ness. The pres­sure points you are feel­ing now I felt when I star­ted my busi­ness. More import­antly, I found ways to alle­vi­ate these.

And, I have watched self-employ­ment move from an ‘altern­at­ive’ way to work, often with neg­at­ive con­nota­tions attached, to some­thing that mil­lions of people now aspire to. Micro busi­nesses are the new norm for any­one that has ambi­tions to become their own boss. People just like you.

Just speak­ing to someone that under­stands that itch you have to start your own micro busi­ness can be a great way to get the insight you need before com­mit­ting time, money and resources to your new busi­ness.

How to Make a Book­ing
Step 1
Think about how long you will need. Book­ings are in one-hour slots, but you can book any num­ber of hours you think you will need to get your answers. The time can be taken in one block, or spread over sev­er­al calls.
Step 2
Drop me a line at:

Make your email as detailed as you can so I under­stand the help you need to max­im­ise the time you are book­ing.

Step 3
Decide when you are free. Give me as many time slots as you can to ensure we find a mutu­ally con­veni­ent time to talk.
Step 4
Decide how many hours you will need. Don’t for­get, if you book 2 or more hours you get a 20% dis­count. Make your pay­ment via PayP­al. You can use any deb­it or cred­it card.
Step 5
I will con­tact you via the email address you provided with your pay­ment to arrange the time and date for our call.
Step 6
If you have any ques­tions about this ser­vice, or quer­ies about mak­ing a book­ing, just get in touch using the Con­tact page. Look for­ward to speak­ing to you!

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